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best luxury watchesThere is a reason that all men should know which of the best luxury watch brands are their favorite.  Why? Because for businessmen, there really aren’t too many different socially acceptable pieces of jewellery that would be admired, except for the watch on their wrists. Sure, cuff links can be worm but they seem somewhat old fashioned at times, and bracelets and necklaces are a bit too flashy and dangly to be useful. Although many people may differ in opinion, one opinion that stands is that wearing a timepiece from one of the best luxury watches is of high social value. When you pick the right watch that combines elegance and enhances others’ envy, then you know you have a prestigious watch that you can be proud to show off in front everyone.

Given that a watch is meant for keeping time, no matter what type of watch you buy, the outcome should be the same, right? Then why would some people spend A LOT of money to purchase a brand name luxury watch? Some of these watches easily equal the price of a car, or even an apartment in certain cities! Well there are many reasons that people do certain things, but let’s focus on a few key issues of why people would consider purchasing a luxury watch that costs a lot of money.

When you purchase a top quality luxury watch, you are ensuring that your watch can keep the time reliably, no matter the circumstances. If you purchase mass-produced low quality watches, the watches will be able to keep the time for a while and then lose that ability to do so accurately and precisely. When you have an experienced watchmaker design and craft your luxury watch, they are using every ounce of their skills to make your watch with precision and a high level of quality craftsmanship. This will ensure that your watch can keep the time without issues for many years to come.


Investing in the Best Luxury Watches

Some people that have excess money want to continue investing their money in material goods. When you purchase a luxury watch for a large sum of money, in essence, you are investing your money into that watch. The watch will usually be made of very high quality materials, and it is not unlikely that they will use precious metals as well as gemstones in their construction, which will retain its value over the years and not depreciate. In addition to the materials itself, if you purchase a luxury timepiece that is in limited edition or a collector’s item, then there is future value that is immeasurable at the present time, until you try to cash in on your investment in the future by getting it appraised.

As much as we don’t like to admit it, the society and the world take our looks into consideration. If it didn’t matter what we wore or what we purchased, then there would be no market for these luxury watch brands that many people drool over. When a certain brand is known to be prestigious to the community, your participation in purchasing and displaying that time piece on your wrists is a sign of inclusion into high society. That type of signal to others could help to boost your morale as it may help you to realize that you are a successful person financially. Although money isn’t the only factor in determining your social status, it sometimes can be viewed as an important one. The best way to soften the attitude is to remain humble and be accepting of others who may not have the same financial status as yourself.

So let’s say that you have decided to buy a luxury watch because it fits within your desires, what do you buy? How do you choose? Did you even know that there are even different tiers of luxury watches? The creme de la creme luxury watches are considered the Exclusive Luxury Watches. One tier under are the High End Luxury Watches. Next comes the Mid End Luxury Watches. And finally, the lowest barrier to entry into the luxury watch market is the Basic Luxury Watches. Which one you decide to go with will depend on how much you want to spend and what you can afford. Take a look at the ones below here and see which ones are your favourites and which ones you may consider for your next purchase. As usual, let me know what you think and leave comments for me below!


The Best Luxury Watches are Super Exclusive

When you are in the market for an Exclusive Luxury Watch, it should be clear to you (and those around you) that money is no object and you can basically afford anything you want financially. If you do decide to purchase the best luxury watches that are exclusive, you will be getting a detailed and superbly refined hand pieces that is most likely only recognized by other people who are either in the same position as you or has a great affinity to these particular items. The design and craftsmanship is exquisite and most likely produced in very small and limited quantities, not to mention only available through specific retailers that have the privilege of carrying that brand.


Retails Prices

Stainless Steel watch and band: generally starts at $5000 and up

Gold watch with leather band: generally starts at $10,000 and up

Gold watch with gold band: generally starts at $20,000 and up

Upper Limit: basically, there is no limit as to the cost of these exclusive luxury watches, and some have sold for more than $2,000,000


Design and Style

The best luxury watches for men in this category will look very unique and distinctive especially since they are very limited in quantity and availability. The inside of the watch will usually feature mechanical moving parts that are finished by hand. Features will be very unique and even far-fetched, such as being able to check moon phases or displaying all the little details of the Gregorian calendar.


Where to Purchase

They are mainly sold through jewelers who specialize in all of the high-end and exclusive jewelry pieces and time pieces. It would be rare to find any large discounts available on exclusive luxury watches due to the lack of availability and prestigious-ness of it. If you do decide to purchase from a non-authorize retailer, please be sure to verify the product and ensure it isn’t a fake or stolen! One of the best places to purchase luxury watches online is through as they are a reputable online company that deals with many of the high end jewellers and are trustworthy.


Why would you buy one?

If you have a lot of financial excess and it doesn’t matter how much you spend, then you are likely in a position where you can understand the true value and merits of purchasing the top of the line, world exclusive luxury items like the best luxury watch brands that only the ultra-rich can afford. You are definitely seeking to impress people of the same class as yourself, as most average people on the street will not know the difference between an exclusive luxury watch and one purchased at their department store.



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