Guide to the Best Watches for Men

Best Watches for Men: A Buyers Guide

best mens watchesOver the years, wearing the best watches for men is not just for keeping time anymore. They’re now accessories that serve to make a statement, whether they are meant for an outfit, fashionable time-keeping and even as a way to make a man just stand out. There are quote a large umber of fantastic options on today’s market that can interest even the staunchest of buyers.

Besides offline retailers, there are many online retailers like Amazon selling practically any type of wristwatch possible in any price range imaginable.

The most inexpensive timepieces (priced under $1,000) are the most practical, made in many styles and brands. If a buyer can afford spend a little more, mid-range watches for men cost at least $1,000—all the way to $20,000 if they desire higher quality.

On the high-end of the spectrum, you will be able to find the most luxurious models on the market, generally costing above $20,000 (easily the cost of a vehicle in most parts of the country) . Most consumers, even if they can afford to spend the money on luxurious selections, settle for relatively inexpensive models that still make a statement to many who appreciate a good timepiece.

The best watches for men

Even though some people may assume otherwise, many of the best men’s watches can cost upward of $3,000 on today’s market.

Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the top brands available on the market today. Most of these brands have selections that are under $5,000, ranging from the ultra-luxury to a more reasonably affordable lineup.


top mens watchesU-Boat is a brand that offers luxury-level resilient wrstwatches with interesting designs that make a bold statement for the person wearing it. Many of their selections retail under $1,000, though many buyers are likely to find a deal on Amazon for even less.

As an example, their Welder Chronograph K-33 features a slick black ion-plated steel case with different colored accents on each model, such as red or blue. The black dial is accented with hints of a large selection of colors around its face—the markers and hands, to be exact. As a sports watch, it’s also water resistant against up to 330 feet of water, which helps it’s owners to wear it no matter what their activities are.

Tag Heuer

top mens wristwatches onlineA little more on the ‘fancy’ side, these models display a classic styling that are an incredible accessory for men who just want a nice, stylish fashion accessory on their wrist. This brand is characterized by its array of functions, switches and dials on its resilient time plates.

Priced within the $1,000 to $3,000 price range, Tag Heuer features a host of stylish men’s watches spanning different styles and colors. The dials on the face invoke images of high-tech gadgets that simply produce a truly interesting (and stylish) look. If money isn’t too much of an issue, this brand is simply great for those who want a piece that just looks good.


great men's watches availableFor the men who are looking for a fashionable watch, Omega serves their purpose well and is a great option. Priced within the $3,000 price range, this line up from Omega offers an incredible selection of styles that impress even the most steadfast buyer.

The Omega brand originates from the country of Switzerland, where manufacturers produce some of the best watches for men in the world. In fact, this brand is known for its pioneering innovations in this industry, and they eventually produced several collections: ConstellationSeamaster and the famous Speedmaster line-up.

Large and bold dial plates, shimmering stainless steel bodies and bracelet constructions—Omega has it all for the man who wants a classic, timeless watch.


Here are a few great selections for those that are considering a timepiece with balanced style and value.  Any of these options are a choice and would make a great gift for your loved one or for yourself!


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

best watch brands for menThe Citizen Watch Company produces some of the most high-quality and fashionable men’s watches—at a consumer-friendly price. The model that we’re looking at here is a part of the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive line.

Citizen’s newest innovation, the Eco-Drive watches, revolves around its environmentally friendly operation scheme. Instead of manufacturing them to utilize battery power, these watches operate using natural and artificial light which makes them sustainable and very usable in the long term.

This method of powering the devices is not only environmentally friendly, but cost-friendly too. Eco-Drive watches, as advertised by Citizen, operate for ‘a lifetime of use.’ Customers consider this one of the best watch brands for men and actually enjoy the environment-friendly options presented here, in addition to its comfortable fit and bright luminosity in the dark.

Their Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch features a black dial surrounded by a titanium case. The wrist strap is made from genuine leather, stitched together with white that contrasts against the strap and included buckle clasp.

On the timepiece, there’s a 1/20 second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, 24 hour time indicator, an alarm and date indicator and a handy Power Saver function. The Power Saver function saves up to 120 to 170 days of light energy. Another notable feature is its inner calendar, which automatically adjusts to proper days, including leap years (up to the year 2100).


Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Mechanical Skeleton Dial Black Polyurethane Watch

best mens watch brandsThis Swiss-made model is produced by the Swiss-based Invicta brand. Their brands of wristwatches are primarily made by hand, considered some of the top pieces available in the world.

The Russian Diver features a ‘polished stainless steel case enclosed by a flame-fusion crystal dial window plate.’ The actual watchface is filled with unique-looking cogs that invoke the theme of time upon glancing upon the watch. There are at least six cogs within the face plate, as reported by customers.

The silver ‘skeleton’ look of the dial from this beauty from Invicta is surrounded by a black bezel while the hand themselves are also black in color. Its crown features a screw-down protective cap that allows you to take it with you on your underwater adventures.

The band’s material is made from polyurethane, measuring at the standard length found in many of the best watches for men, with a band width of 26 millimeters. The Invicta Russian Diver operates using a ‘hand-wound mechanical movement system,’ requiring the wearer to manually wind it up in order to facilitate its functions.

Customers prefer the resilient nature of this model, as it feels ‘heavy to the touch and large in size.’ Some customers mention that it takes some time to ‘get used to the weight,’ though for many, it is actually the weight and feel that makes many buyers comfortable with its construction and price.


Emporio Armani Men’s Brown Sport Chronograph Watch

best brands for mens watchesAs expected of an Armani product, this offering from them possesses the same intricate and luxurious design found on many choice garments and accessories produced by the famous fashion house. This casual, sports watch for men is favored by many customers for its superb construction, sophisticated looks and its overall feel.

This Armani Sports Chronograph watch uses a Japanese-produced quartz movement, powered by a battery. The body is colored with a deep rose-gold, surrounding the brown stainless steel ion-plated bezel. The other rose-gold embellishments include its selector buttons and screw-down case backing, rounding out the fashion you expect to come from Armani.

The brown dial is encased by a durable mineral crystal window, made to protect the inner components from scratches. This Emporio Armani selectionis also water resistant in up to 165 feet of water, so you can feel safe washing your hands and swimming without removing your wristwatch.

The main chronograph features of the Emporio Armani Sport include 24-hour, 60-minute and seconds sub-dials, spread across the dial’s face. The hands are also encased in rose-gold, its accents accentuating the bronze Arabic numbers and markers surrounding the chronograph-clad dial itself.

A stainless steel bracelet supports the case by being wrapped in a deep chocolate brown silicone casing, all the while having the links adjustable with a deployment clasp (push button clasp that double locks). The construction and material selection is incredibly resilient, well worth the price of this classic, yet casual fashion timepiece!


Bulova Men’s Marine Star Chronograph Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

best timpieces for malesThe Bulova Men’s line-up presents first-class technology and design to their modestly priced consumer watches. Their current selection of wristwatches features a diverse ‘collection of visually-pleasing timepieces for any situation.’

The Marine Star Chronograph Stainless Steel Bracelet model is a ‘perfect’ fit for many customers. Many people mention that they love the versatility they have to match different outfits, in addition to its superb construction and vibrant gray dial.

The timepiece uses a ‘quality Japanese quartz movement,’ powered by a battery. It features a stainless steel bezel, including a tachymeter for reading different distances and speeds—a feature handy for people tracking vehicles on a tight time frame.

Like many of the top men’s watches out there, the body is constructed from shimmering stainless steel, from its flexible band to the case backing, giving a very rigid construction. The dial itself is black, though it appears gray in various forms of light. Customers have, in fact, commented about its diverse light refraction, which makes the dial essentially add a bit more style of any outfit.

The stainless steel bracelet on the Marine Star Chronograph is flexible, as mentioned, held together with a deployment clasp (a fold-over clasp with a double push button). Along with the fact that it is even water resistant up to 330 feet, it is an ideal selection for divers and swimmers alike.

The dial itself is primarily gray with white lettering and markings indicating the time. The face also features several sub-dials tracking hours, minutes, seconds and the date.


Diesel Men’s SBA Gunmetal Watch

best watch for a manDiesel is an Italian-made brand, and they are made for people who are ‘inspired by imagination, color and the ever-flourishing urban lifestyle.’

The diverse Diesel catalog features many wristwatches inspired by vintage mainstays and modern fashions. These models are mainly characterized by their multi-dial faces and monochromatic color schemes.

The Men’s SBA Gunmetal model is very large – and it’s not just large, it’s huge, as reported by many people who have made the investment. According to customers, this is definitely the right accessory for a man who wants to make a statement with the way he dresses and chooses his clothing.  It’s both sturdy, comfortable and has good weight to it, perfect for men who want a large display to suit their tastes.

As Diesel is one of the top brands for guys, this model keeps up with the brand’s love for time keeping using an analog-digital configuration. The dial features a hybrid time-keeping scheme, with its quartz movement analog dials on both sides of the polished gunmetal face, with its digital timekeeper to its bottom. The face is also luminous as well, giving you greater functionality in dimly lit situations.

Over the gunmetal face of the Diesel SBA is a durable mineral crystal dial window to prevent the onset of scratches. Additional time keeping features includes a calendar, chronograph and world time functions.

The dial itself is surrounded by a stainless steel gunmetal case and wristband. The wristband itself is adjustable with a deployment enclosure clasp in the Mens standard size. Water resistance secures your purchase against 33 feet of water, making this a selection strictly for fashion statements.



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