Best Watches Under $1000

What are the Best Watches Under $1000?

best watches under 1000Buying a watch seems to be a practice of days long gone. Nowadays, when we need the time, we just flip open our phones or check the tablet’s top right corner: There’s no such thing as a man who checks his analog watch just to check the time or a woman who sports a classy Movado because she needs it to tell the time. When people buy watches these days, it’s more a fashion statement than a functional accessory. This means the prices can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Here, we’ll look at brands that may have the best watch under $1000.


best watches under 1000Movado is a world-famous maker of Swiss watches that are often priced very accessibly. Movado watches are marked by their elegant craftsmanship, high quality, and durability. There are definitely some expensive models, with prices running well past $1000, but there are many, many lower priced options as well. Movado has a variety of men’s and women’s watches, both of which are created with the same magnificent quality. Anyone in the market for a functional, durable best mens watches under $1000 should definitely browse the Movado catalogue – there are some certain winners.


best watches under $1000Citizen is one of the most famous watchmakers in the world, and for good reason. Citizen watches are consistently some of the highest quality, most durable watches sold, making them an understandable go-to for anyone looking for quality at a relatively low price. Citizen watches are often constructed with eye to durability and less to cutting-edge aesthetics, so they’re frequently seen with traditional looks rather than futuristic ones. This makes them a favourite of just about everyone with classical taste. Citizen is a first stop for anyone in search of high quality watches at reasonable prices and with traditional looks.


best watches under 1000 dollarsVictorinox makes some of the best watches on the market, hands down. They’re consistently high quality – made to be durable, accurate, and easy to use – and are some of the best-reviewed and best-loved that there are when looking for the best automatic watches under $1000. Victorinox watches are typically designed with aristocratic looks, making them well suited to those who have a lot of formal or semi-formal outfits that they wear frequently. Remember, watches are as much fashion statements as functional accessories these days, so it’s important to consider ensembles along with the look of just the watch.

Even though watches aren’t quite as frequently purchased or worn these days as they were in the past, but they’re still important accessories for the sophisticated men and women of the day. They look good, they function, and they can make the difference between the classy exec no one will forget and the one who looked like everyone else in the office. Unfortunately, the kinds of watches that can do that are often priced well above $1000. Remember that these brands, here, all have high quality watches available for significantly less than this. That means style, quality, and durability; all for less than anyone would expect to pay for a watch of quality.

A list of a few of the best watches under 1000 that you can purchase!


Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s AirBoss Automatic Watch

Victorinox is widely hailed as one of the best manufacturers of men’s and women’s watches out there, especially when relatively low cost is a concern. The AirBoss is a wonderful watch that can easily outpace many more expensive models, but sells for less than some of the other best watches under 1000, which is no small feat for a quality watch in today’s market. The AirBoss features a leather strap with white stitching, making it a classy, aesthetically versatile timepiece that’s sure to go well with anything you wear. The timepiece has hours in white, against a black back, with silver and pearl dials, making this watch particularly easy to read, even in relative darkness.

The Victorinox AirBoss Automatic Watch body is round, so it has a highly traditional look, but the absence of gold and silver keep it from looking too much like the watch of a pompous aristocrat. On top of that, the AirBoss boasts water resistance to 330 feet, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you drop it in the stream, let alone wear it while washing your hands or walking in the rain. For the price, the AirBoss can’t be beat.


REACTOR Men’s Poseidon Ti 1000M Depth Tested Watch

best mens watches under 1000Reactor watches always pack something of a punch, because they always do just a little bit more than tell the time. This particular watch, the 54008 Poseidon, is one of the nicest Reactor watches on the market. It features incredible water resistance – it’s tested up to 1000m, which is good enough for scuba diving and a whole lot more – and the watch itself is absolutely beautiful. The band is made of titanium, making it one of the most durable watches you’ll ever find, price aside, and the timepiece has bold numbers in silver at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’ clock. It also features illumination technology for easy reading underwater or in dim lighting.

Reactor is known for serious watches that don’t play around, and the Poseidon Ti is the best watch under $1000 to represent this principle. There are a lot of brands that produce flashy, expensive watches, but none are as all at once beautiful, functional, and durable as this one by Reactor. The 54008 Poseidon Ti earns a solid 10/10 for what it has given the world of watches and watchmaking.


Hamilton Men’s Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Collection Black Fixed Gunmetal PVD Watch

best mens watches under $1000In the world of watches, it’s well known that Hamilton is where you go when you want a watch that makes a statement. And within the world of Hamilton, it’s well known that the Ventura (code H24615331) is one of the flashiest yet classiest watches out there. It features a triangular timepiece. The band is made of rubber, ensuring a comfortable, slip-free fit, and the entire watch is coloured black. That means it’ll work with just about any outfit you decide to wear it with. Not only is it classy – it’s functional, and aesthetically versatile. Or, everything a watch should be.

The Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary watch from Hamilton also features luminous backing, so it’s easy to read in dim light. As an added bonus, it’s water resistant up to 185 feet, meaning you can take it snorkelling with you, should you so desire. The strap is of standard length, and the etchings are a gunmetal-blue. All in all, this is the watch you want if you’re looking to make a serious statement. Hamilton, as always, is perfect for such things, and the Ventura is not a model that will let you down if that’s what you’re looking for.


Movado Men’s Luno Sport Stainless-Steel Black Round Dial Bracelet Watch

best mens watches under 1000Movado Swiss watches are well-known to mean one thing: Class. There really is nothing like a watch designed by Movado. They have a distinctive look that just makes you feel class exuding from the timepiece, and they have the kind of quality to back up the talk, as well. The Luno Sport is a perfect example of this balance between durability and elegance. It’s silver all ‘round, from the strap to the bezel, with a black plate behind silver hands.

The Luno Sport Bracelet Watch from Movado is guaranteed to keep accurate time to within a few nanoseconds (it features one of the most reliable quartz-based timekeeping devices in the watchmaking business), can take hard falls and shocks, and is water resistant. The band is made of stainless steel, meaning it’s unlikely to rust under normal conditions (normal conditions being anything you put it through), and it’s built to be as comfortable as it is sexy. Wearers of Movado watches often have at least one other more traditional looking watch, but those looking for classical quality in the best mens watches under 1000 with that avant-garde look are sure to be satisfied by their Movado purchase.


Tissot Men’s T-Touch Expert Watch

best watches under 1000 for menTissot is a name known best to those who spend a lot of time researching, buying, and studying watches, but it’s relatively unheard of outside of that exclusive club. It’s about time the world gets to know Tissot watches, however. The T-Touch Expert Watch is a wonderfully constructed watch with a lot to love. The first thing that will stand out is, of course, the way it looks, it is a Tissot after all! It features a black rubber band, which ensures a comfortable, non-slip fit, and a fold-over clasp that’s easy to use.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch features a textured timepiece backing, against which are lain hours in white, with hands of the same color for easy reading. The watch also features a timer, compass, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, and LCD backlight, making it the perfect watch for the outdoorsman. On top of all that, it boasts water resistance up to 330 feet. Anyone who plans to take their watch outside for even a minute should seriously consider this rugged yet elegant option, and those who plan to take their watches out regularly should stop looking at buy this one. Fully featured, beautiful, well-made, and affordable: Everything you could want in some of the best automatic watches under $1000.


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