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There isn’t a clear consensus among couples on whether his and hers watches are a good thing or not.  Some couples love to wear matching outfits, including matching watches for him and her, while other couples absolutely have a distaste for anything matching.  Whether your relationship was built to handle the cute and lovely matching clothing or accessories, or you’re in a relationship where both of you find these things revolting, we’re going to show you a list of his and her watches that we think are perfect for couples.  Whether you’re a husband or boyfriend looking to surprise your wife on your anniversary with his and hers watch sets, or you’re a wife or girlfriend seeking to give your man a great birthday present that you can share, your loved one is one lucky partner to have you seeking out such a great gift for them.

Although some companies produce matching watch sets that sell together as a pair, they aren’t high quality enough to give as gifts to your loved ones.  The focus of those sets are that they look the same, and not necessarily that the watches are of high quality and craftsmanship.  But if you are looking for something inexpensive to give as a symbolic gesture, then these types of watch sets will surely do the trick.

his and hers watchesGeneva Platinum Collection His & Hers Matching Watch Set Silver Bracelet with White Face

his and her watchesCharles Raymond His & Hers Black/Gold Bracelet Watch Set


If you want to ensure that you’re providing yourself and your better half the best his and her watches as a gift, then it will take some digging and searching as many of the largest watch brands out there do make similar men’s and women’s models.  The only problem is that they never display them at the same time so it’s hard to find.  Most of the time manufacturers have more men’s models than women’s models in their lineup of watches, so using the women’s models as a baseline could make it easier to find a corresponding one from the men’s side.  Thankfully, we’ve got you covered and uncovered his and her watches that you’re surely going to love!



His and Hers Watches from Seiko

One of the first matching his and her watches that we like is the offering from Seiko.  These watches are from the Seiko Sportura Chronograph series and they design models for both men and women.   The Sportura was designed with the athlete in mind and has design cues that remind people of the speed, passion and precision that is necessary for anyone to be a leader and perform at their highest level.  Seiko does not lack in choosing to use only high quality materials when designing their Japanese quarts watches.  With Seiko’s long history of involvement in sports technology and perfect timing, the Sportura Chronograph will make a great pair of watches for both husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend!

There are a few different color and watch band options, so you can match in multiple ways.  The Sportura comes in a Black watch face for men’s models and a White watch face for women’s models.  We’ve listed two different strap types, which is especially useful if one of you have preference of one material over the other.

his and hers seiko watchesSeiko Sportura Men’s Model with Leather Strap

seiko his and her watchesSeiko Sportura Women’s Model with Leather Strap

matching seiko watchesSeiko Sportura Men’s Model with Stainless Steel Bracelet

seiko matching watchesSeiko Sportura Woen’s Model with Stainless Steel Bracelet



His and Her Watches from Movado

Movado is a brand that is known for its iconic lineup of Museum watches.  They were the first watch to encompass a simplistic design with refined elegance, which has since been modified and copied by other manufactures.  For someone that wears a Movado watch, it sends a signal to other people that you’re surrounded by wealth and success and that you like the more refines tastes in life.  There’s nothing wrong with liking a beautiful accessory, and you may notice many celebrities sporting a nice looking Movado on their wrists as well.

If you’re going to be selecting a matching watch set from Movado for yourself and your better half, the classic Movado Museum is always a great option.  It features an iconic round black Museum dial with a single dot positioned at 12 o’clock.  Did you know that originally, the Museum was designed to mimic a sundial, where the dot represents high noon?  The soft calf skin leather strap sits well on your wrists and fastens with a buckle.  If you’re not entirely satisfied with the simplistic elegance of the Museum, Movado also has other watches that would be a good choice when looking for his and her watch sets!

his and hers movado watchesMovado Museum Men’s Watch

his and her watches movadoMovado Museum Women’s Watch

matching watches movadoMovado Men’s White Watch Face

his and hers watch set from movadoMovado Women’s White Watch Face



His and Hers Watch Sets from Armani

Armani is a name that is synonymous with high-end luxury items, whether you are talking about leather good, shoes, jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, eyewear or watches.  Sold under the Emporio Armani branch, Armani designed a lineup of beautiful luxury watches and you can often find matching men’s and women’s models among them.  This is a good place to look if you’re in the market for his and her watches for you and your partner.  The Emporio Armani line up of luxury fashion clothing and accessories has a focus on what is trending in the fashion industry, as well as giving it Armani’s own modern twist.  There are plenty of models here to choose from, and here are a select two styles that we think will look great in your watch collection, especially since you will match each other.  Giving your partner an Armani watch will surely garner their attention and ensure that you are both at the leading edge of fashion as you go out together.

his and hers armani watchesArmani Sportivo Men’s Black Stainless Steel Bracelet

armani his and her watchesArmani Sportivo Women’s White Stainless Steel Bracelet

matching watches from armaniArmani Men’s Quilted Watch

movado his and her watch setArmani Women’s Quilted Watch


Matching Watches for Him and Her from Bulova

The name Bulova resonates of high quality watches that you can get at more affordable prices.  However, that isn’t to say that Bulova watches are cheap or low-priced by any means.  But their watchmaking skills are founded in history of producing watches around World War I, as well as having their timepieces used by Nasa in their space programs.  With such a history and background in fine tuning their watch making skills, it’s no wonder that people think so highly of their watches.  Not only can they outperform other watch brands at their price level, but Bulova has some technology that even the best of watches can’t match.

For example, in the Bulova Precisionist, they use ultra-high frequency quartz which can measure time accurately to 10 seconds a year.  But, the coolest part is that this ultra-high frequency quartz can create a seem-less and smooth second hand that doesn’t “tick” or “tock”, but rather, never stops moving in a circular motion.  This even out-performs the sweeping hand from a Rolex Submariner or a Grand Seiko watch, which costs thousands of dollars more!  Choosing a nice matching Bulova, like the Precisionists, as his and her watch set would make a great choice for you and your partner!

his and hers bulova watchesBulova Precisionist Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

matching watches bulovaBulova Precisionist Women’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

his and her watches bulovaBulova Precisionist Men’s Leather Strap Watch

bulova his and hers watch setBulova Precisionist Women’s Leather Strap Watch




His and Her Watches Movado

His and Her Watches Movado

If you are husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, you want to ensure you celebrate your anniversaries every year.  It’s important to make the little things count and keep your relationship going strong over and over again!  One of the best gifts to present to your significant other is a pair of matching his…

Matching Watches for Him and Her by Fossil

Matching Watches for Him and Her by Fossil

When you’ve made the decision to purchase matching watches for him and her, you will invariably have to decide on a budget.  For those that are looking to make a large splash with this gift, but yet, want to maintain a reasonable budget and not overspend, Fossil makes some great fashionable watches that are perfect…

His and Her Watches by Bulova

His and Her Watches by Bulova

When the time comes to give your wife or husband a present, whether for their birthday, Christmas or your anniversary, sooner or later, you may come want to get matching his and her watches.  Bulova makes some of the best his and hers watch sets as they are crafted with precision and high quality materials. …

His and Her Watches by Guess

His and Her Watches by Guess

So you and your partner want to find some nice looking his and her watches by Guess?  Great idea!  Guess is known for their upscale clothing line in America as well as all of the accessories that they produce, like perfumes, jewelry and watches.   You can also find them at your local mall as they…

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