Bulova Men’s 98D004 Diamond Dial Watch

Men’s watch designs are usually big, heavy, and bulky. Whether these watches are made for more formal wearers, watches for men are commonly big in size to match the size of their wrist. However, not everyone prefers to make use of a big watch for their everyday activities. For a more laid back afternoon or a more formal day at work, men may want to have a more stylish watch with the Bulova Men’s Diamond Dial Watch. This watch has been imported and made from the US and it has been manufactured by one of the leading makers. With the thinner structure it has been built on, it would not snag easily on things and it is very lightweight.

As one looks into its appearance, the beautiful appearance of the black and sleek watch can be noticed. The dial is shaped like a rectangle that fits perfectly the ends of the band making it look as if it’s a bracelet because of the continuity in the lines. The hidden deployment clasp also completes this look. The black dial and band color present the very artistic and well dressed look that would look great for men who dress mostly for the office and more formal events. The dial is covered with a mineral crystal which protects the black dial and the diamond that decorate the dial. The diamonds may seem to be a bit small but it has been well accented because of the all black design. In looking closely at the dial, one will be able to find the textured sides and corners which create an appealing design.

It has a stainless steel case and band which has been covered with black for that continuous look of elegance. But, the plain black design has been decorated with small gold colored highlights to create an illusion of a sleeker appearance on the band of the watch. The Bulova Men’s Diamond Dial Watch is really created and designed for people who are looking for a superior looking watch that is just between a hundred dollars to two. There are many ways to match this watch with the wardrobe because it has a classic design and color making one feel being well dressed all the time. Whether a person is dressing up for work or for a special event, this Bulova classic would make a wonderful accent to the way that a person would dress up.

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