Bulova Men’s Precisionist Champlain Black Dial Rubber Strap Watch

If precision is what you have been looking for, the Bulova Men’s Precisionist Champlain Black Dial Rubber watch is the one for you. For generations, men have searched for a watch that will be durable enough and will be able to provide them with long term use and high precision time. This watch can be said to be the best men’s watch under $500 for individuals of all ages and interests.

This watch boasts of being the most accurate watch around the world having a second hand that never ceases to stop moving. Compared to most of the quartz watches that are popularly used by many are known to be have 15 seconds per month accuracy, the Bulova Men’s Precisionist Champlain Black Dial Rubber watch has been proven to be accurate within 10 seconds a year. With this feature, you are assured of its durability and accuracy that last for years.

The Bulova Men’s Precisionist is shock resistant and water resistant to 300 meters deep. It would make a great watch as you swim several laps on the pool or as you enjoy the beach with friends and family. However, this watch is not as water proof as other watches with similar feature. But, it would still make a great watch because you would not have to worry about wearing your watch when it would suddenly start raining.

In just one look, you will certainly be drawn to the prominence of its black case that is made of an ion plated stainless steel. With a diameter of 46.5 millimeters case that comes in a full black design, it exudes a very dramatic look. To add to this over all look, Bulova Men’s Precisionist Champlain Black Dial Rubber watch has luminous hour markers and hands, as well as a window for date display. The bracelet straps of this watch also come in textured black rubber with a sturdy buckle clasp.

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