Bulova Women’s Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Mother of Pearl Dial Watch

Bulova watches were started in New York, but the founder was a Czech immigrant that was trained in making jewelry.  He took his expertise and transitioned into making watches and soon found himself behind one of the forefront companies in making watches of quality and precision.  Bulova prides itself on technology and design and provides nice timepieces for all types of occasions.  So it comes as no surprise that they made their Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Mother of Pearl Dial Watch for women that want to make a splash for themselves and stand out from the crowd.  There are a total of 96 different Swarovski Crystals lining the edges of the bezel and across the watch bracelet.  As a woman wearing her beautiful black dress and having a watch that shines and glimmers in the limelight of the dark room, you’re bound to get plenty of turning heads all looking at you.

To complement and further accent the watch with all its Swarovski Crystals, the dial is made with white mother-of-pearl and provides a soft glowing element to the watch face, as you read it’s Roman numeral-accented indices.  To make sure the elegance is further captured, there are more Swarovski Crystals that mark the hours inside the watch face.  And the size of the watch face is also perfect, as it is not too big and not too small.  The only thing you may have to do is fix the number of links inside the bracelet so that it will be a tighter fit around your wrists.  If you happen to see this elegant Bulova watch in store, you will certainly fall in love with it.  But even better is that you’re seeing it here now, and you’ll be glad to know that purchasing on Amazon is only a fraction of the price of what you will pay if you were to get it in stores!  It will simply be a showstopper and get any woman many compliments, even more so than if you were wearing a more expensive luxury watch.  Although some people might argue that there is too much “bling” in the Bulova Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Mother of Pearl Dial Watch, there can be no such thing!  Just make sure to wear the watch at the right occasions, and you will not have any issues of being inappropriate.

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