Casio GA110C G-Shock White Multi-Function Sport Watch

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the Casio G-Shock line of watches.  Ever since they gained huge popularity in the 90’s, they have had somewhat of a cult following with their G-Shock Protection watches.  The original premise of this line of watches was to provide a watch that is built tough enough to withstand a lot of shock and G-forces, especially when someone is partaking in some hard-core or strenuous activities.  They would be able to take with them their watch and keep time or use some of the indicators for their purposes.  However, the line-up of Casio G-Shock has made some leaps and bounds on changes and improvements to their watches making them some of the best watches in the world.

This Casio GA110C G-Shock White Multi-Function Sport Watch is water resistant to 200 meters deep, which means you can choose to either skydive wearing this watch or deep sea diving with it and it can still accompany you wherever you choose to go that day.  With 4 multifunction alarms built into the watch for you to use, you can be sure that you won’t miss any appointments and that you can really get your time management perfected.  There is even one alarm setting that is the “snooze alarm”.  This one is for your morning wake-up calls.  If you need a few minutes extra in the sack that morning, you can set it to snooze and the G Shock watch will consistently make noise every 10 minutes until you decide not to need your watch to continue waking you up.

With the watch face having many techie-looking dials and features, you are getting a cool looking watch from the G Shock series.  Wearing this white colored watch will attract a lot of attention from people that like watches, as well as those that aren’t particularly fond of them either.  The Casio GA110C G-Shock White Multi-Function Sport Watch contains most of the basic features that you need, such as day, date, alarms, chronograph, world time as well as a timer.  The only downside to having an attractive pure-white looking watch, is the actual fact in itself that the watch is white.  White tends to attract things like stands and dirt, and this watch is no exception.  If you aren’t careful, it is possible to get some stains and get dirty when you rub the watch on your shirt or pants too often.  But, that is okay because it is easily washed off.  However, be careful with how hard you hit the watch on something hard as the white color has the potential to chip off and lose its white color.

If you have small wrists, this Casio GA110C G-Shock White Multi-Function Sport Watch might not be the best for you since it features a 50mm diameter watch face and bezel.  But, as far as watch for men goes, this is one of the best watches for men under 200 dollars out there for you to be casual in.  If you’re sporting your t-shirt and shorts, or even your polo when golfing, this watch will still match your outfits and give you a great look.  Now if you’re a G Shock collector, then you definitely need to have this one in your collection to make it more complete!

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