Citizen Men’s Skyhawk A-T Eco-Drive Watch

Who would not want to have a five year warranty for their watch purchase? Only Citizen’s Men’s Skyhawk Eco-Drive watch comes in with this advantage. The reliability of this model offers more than what a person could wish for. It has a sleek construction with an attractive stainless steel design. The technology in the Citizen Skyhawk watches has been considered one of the best watches under 500 dollars, and definitely won’t be mistaken for a nice women’s watch. It is a solar-powered device that can easily be charged under the sun or even indoor lighting. With no need to change batteries, one will be able to enjoy more savings in the long run. The solar panel of the Citizen’s Men’s Skyhawk Eco-Drive is sufficient enough to ensure that the batteries are operational for at least six months from the time that it has been fully charged. Also, losing the battery charge will never be a problem because it has a charge indicator. In case the watch is running low on power, a low charge warning can be seen with a countdown timer.

Another interesting feature of the Citizen Skyhawk Eco-Drive watch for men its atomic clock that synchronizes the time depending on the location one is in. However, this feature does not work in all countries. It would be good to check the availability of the synchronized time adjustment in the city where the watch will be used. In the United States, the atomic clock works by getting the exact time each day using the radio broadcasts. This helps ensure that one is able to get the exact and most reliable time because of the automatic reset which occurs every single day. Like many other watches by this brand, the Citizen’s Men’s Skyhawk Eco-Drive has a 45 millimeter case and a wide band width at 24 millimeter. The mineral crystal case window has a coating that resists scratches for long term use.

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