Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

In the past years, Citizen has proved to be one of the leading producers of the best watches for men all over the world. With its name, men have trusted this brand and the products that it has released to the market. One of the most distinct watches that men enjoy using is this Citizen Men’s Titanium Eco-Drive Watch that comes in a titanium band and case material that makes it look extremely exquisite and luxurious. Titanium is a great quality metal compared to stainless steel because it is better in resisting scratches and makes the entire watch weigh a little lighter than usual. Men will definitely enjoy wearing this around their wrist for a day at work or even for those formal parties that they need to attend to. In addition to this, the sapphire crystal encasement of the dial will enable one to make use of the watch even on a busy outdoor activity because he does not need to worry about scratching the surface.

The face of the dial comes in a dark blue color making it perfect for everyday wear. One does not need to match it with a certain color of clothes because of the basic hues that it has. But still, it diverts from the usual black and gold watch colors. On the blue dial of the Citizen Men’s Titanium Eco-Drive Watch, the luminescent markers and hands can easily be seen whether day time, night time, indoors, or outdoors. It also has a date indicator on the right side just beside the indicator of three. As one looks closely on the watch, the hexagon pattern can be noticed which gives depth and elegance to the overall design of the watch. A small setback that this watch may have is that it does not have a chronograph and a day indicator on it.

Because this Citizen watch is a part of the Eco-Drive collection, it also runs on solar energy. With this feature on the watch, one will never have to worry about battery replacements that are usually done in most watches. In case the watch runs out of energy, it can easily be charged during daylight by exposing it to light for about ten hours. After this, the watch is already fully charged. To avoid inconveniences or running out of energy, it is advisable to store the watch in a well illuminated area with its dial facing upward. When the watch is fully charged, it can have up to 180 days of power reserve. But, one does not need to be concerned about this because it can regularly charge itself when outdoors and even under indoor lighting. So, this means that it can be charged while walking to work and even while taking laps on the pool which can possibly be done because it is water resistant to 100 meters.

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