CitizenEco Drive Gold Tone Stainless Steel and Leather Strap Men’s Watch

Having the perfect time is an important issue especially for people who usually travel for work and leisure. Being in different time zones every so often would make one lose their sense of time. The only thing that can help them keep up with these changes would be the watch that they wear. The Citizen Men’s Eco Drive Gold Tone Stainless Steel and Leather Strap Watch is the perfect companion for travels to various parts of the world. With this watch, one will never have to manually fix the time when arriving to a certain country or destination because it would operate well and adjust to the time zone in the area that one is visiting at the moment.

Another amazing thing about this watch is that it does not need any batteries which would mean that a person will never have to get it repaired just because of weak batteries. It is powered by light that can be from natural sunlight or even from indoor lighting. With this, one will be able to save money from buying batteries and will also have the chance to charge the watch even during night time while indoors. Not many would be aware of the fact that a light powered watch is actually a eco-friendly one, too, because there will be no batteries that contain toxic chemicals that will be discarded when owning this watch. It is also easy to take care of this watch because one can simply leave it face up and on a desk rather than in a drawer to prevent it from discharging unknowingly.

The Citizen Men’s Eco Drive is luxurious watch that has a gold tone stainless steel case material with an analog display. It features a day and date function and presents the markers and distinct numbers 12, 4, and 8 in gold. The hands also come in gold which looks striking with the black dial color. The standard looking band is made using pig skin leather in brown and has a gold clasp to hold it together. The concern that some may have with this watch is that it is only water resistant for up to 10 meters since it is more of a casual to formal wear. In addition to this, others would also want to have a luminescent feature that this watch does not have. However, the overall look that this watch has can definitely make up for these two disadvantages that it has.

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