Diesel Chronograph with Date Leather Men’s Watch

Sometimes it is hard to find a watch that fits a tall man properly. The reason is because most watches have an average sized watch face of about 38 to 40 millimeters. If you are someone that is over 6 feet tall, a watch face of that diameter is going to look really small on your wrists. So in order to find a watch that will match up with you better, you will have to look for something that has a larger watch face diameter. Fortunately, Diesel, famous for their jeans and accessories, was thinking about you and they made their Diesel Chronograph with Date Leather Men’s Watch just for you.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this watch may look huge when compared to other watches surrounding it as it is 51 mm in diameter. But once you slip this watch onto the wrist of someone that is over 6 feet tall, it just looks perfect! In order to proportionally size the watch, the thickness of the casing is 12 mm thick. This produces a watch that is close to 1 pound in weight. Imagine the size of the biceps on the arm that you wear your watch, as you are lifting almost 1 pound in weight every day no matter what you’re doing. The Diesel Chronograph with Date Leather Men’s Watch is quite a nice-looking watch, and it embodies the ruggedness that a man may need to endure on his job.

The first tell-tale sign of the ruggedness are the four exposed screw heads on the watch face.  It looks like a watch that was made perfectly to pair with a tool belt that one might wear on his job. But the coolest thing about this watch is how it tells time. Instead of just having the traditional hour hands and minute hands, it also has a circular display with half hour and hourly marks that turn around, with an arrow marker telling you exactly what time it is today. But if that method of reading time does not sit well with you on the Diesel Chronograph with Date Leather Men’s Watch, you still have the option of using the normal hands to tell time.  Or, alternatively, you can set two different time zones to keep track of on your watch. In addition to the two ways of reading the time this watch features a chronograph that has 24 hours and 30 min. sub-dials.  To match up with the brushed stainless steel casing, it is complemented with a white leather strap with polished and brushed stainless steel buckles.  The display window is made of mineral crystal and the whole watch itself can withstand up to 100 feet in the water.  The perfect watch for someone who was in the market for a larger sized watch!

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