Diesel Men’s SBA Gunmetal Watch

Have you heard of man named Renzo Rosso?  He’s an Italian entrepreneur that was referred as the “Jeans Genius” in the fashion world for his stunning contributions to the industry.  He’s also the founder of Diesel, which makes Diesel a fashionable Italian brand that has is deep rooted with creativity and modern style.  Though they did not start out producing watches, the watches that they do produce are now some of the best watches that you can get for a very affordable price.

Take for instance the Diesel Men’s SBA Gunmetal watch.  If you appreciate the rugged style of Diesels denim wear, you’ll certainly appreciate the aesthetics that their watches bring to your style.  Not only is this watch created with imagination and youth, but it perfectly fits the urban-lifestyle of any fashionably conscious man in the city.   The use of stainless steel for the case material allows the watch to be rugged and feel heavy enough to ensure the wearer knows it is there.  The Gunmetal color is very modern and eye-catching.  As for features, this watch actually has 4 different watch settings allowable so you can adjust them all to your desired time zones without having to worry about forgetting about it.   This is a perfect feature for those that are constantly traveling around, or have friends and family in different time zones across the world.  Now you can be cautious of what time you’re calling them (so as not to wake them up!) as you can have a reminder right there and then when you look at your watch.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Diesel Men’s SBA Gunmetal Watch is just how large it is!  If you are a tall or buff man, this watch will definitely be the perfect one for you, as it requires someone or a larger stature in order to make the watch not appear larger than the wrists.  The thickness of this watch is also more than most large watches.  But, most of all the weight of this watch is something to note; it weighs almost 1 pound!  That is quite a lot, and it definitely takes a very manly man in order to pull off wearing this great looking watch.  But if do happen to be such a man, you’ll certainly have a great conversation starter as people will be instantly drawn to the watch on your hand wherever you go.  Do take a look as this is certainly one of the best men’s watches under $500 on the market, although the price is actually closer to $200.

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