Fossil Men’s Watches

Fossil is an American brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing clothing and accessories that are aimed at the young adult market. Founded in 184, their aim is to provide them with recreational goods that are desirable and have a vintage feel at an affordable price. Many of the time pieces that Fossil produces are considered as collectible pieces and are sometimes found to be based on items that are pop-culture related. In either case, their watches are among some of the more popular watch brands for men and are a perfect gift for any occasion.

Fossil Grant Ceramic Watch Chrome

This Fossil Grant Ceramic Watch in Chrome is quite unique as the band is made of ceramic material, instead of stainless steel. This feels really good against your skin and feels unique to the touch. The time piece weighs 16 Ounces so it is a hefty feeling on your arm and definitely makes you feel like a man. Wearing this watch will surely show that you are making a statement that you are trendy, classy and with the times.

Fossil Mechanical Twist Brown Leather Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that will turn heads, don’t look much further. This Fossil Mechanical Twist Brown Leather Watch has a classic brown leather band that connects to the face piece of the watch that displays a very mechanical looking display, where you can see the gears, springs, hands and screws holding everything together. With the circular second hand dial and the stylish hour and minute hand offset to the right, you are sure to start conversations with your wrist watch.

Fossil Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Black Analog Dial Chronograph Watch

Here is Fossil’s twist on a classic watch face. With the dark black background and the gunmetal colored bezel and gunmetal colored wristband made of stainless steel, you are getting a very well designed classic watch that will accessorize you whether you are wearing a suit or a polo t-shirt. Note also that the Fossil Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Black Analog Dial Chronograph Watch is water resistant up to 165 feet and you have a watch that you bring with you wherever you go. Wear this watch and you have a vintage looking accessory that you can show off to your friends since you’re wearing some of the best watches under 200 dollars that you can purchase.

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