Hamilton Ventura XL Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

Are you looking for a new watch? Would you want to add a new timepiece to your collection? Now, before doing so, you need to know that there are two important things that have to be present in a watch. Both of these would begin with the same letter which is “F”! These two important words are form and function. When it comes to making a purchase of a new timepiece, seeing these two things should be seen going hand in hand. You do not really want to just have a fashionable watch. You also need to see how it would be able to help you tell the time and it should also be topped with other features that you need in a watch. There is nothing that would actually look fashionable in a watch that is not accurate and does not look luxurious enough. More so, nobody would want to own a watch that is extremely expensive but cannot be at par with its other contemporary pieces. In the past years, the Hamilton Watches has proven to be a unique American brand that offers tons of choices when it comes to providing a watch for any guy. The Hamilton Ventura XL Automatic is a special looking watch that presents a unique appearance that men will surely want to have.

Uniqueness is the key in the development of this wonderful and exquisite watch. The Hamilton Ventura XL Automatic Watch comes with a shield shaped stainless steel dial that is covered with an antireflective and scratchproof Sapphire crystal window. The Hamilton Ventura has continuously presented bold statements with the use of the designs of each watch that they make. Because of its unique shape and appearance, men will surely be able to enjoy a lot of praises and will catch the eyes of a lot of people. The design of the watch has been inspired from a classic appearance but has adapted a very futuristic look. For men who would want to feel edgy and to stand out from a crowd, this is the watch to own. This unique watch also come with the modern and elegant smooth rubber strap that adds more style into the watch design. Even the strap of the watch also presents a very stylish appearance because it does not come in a straight band like many others. The length of the rubber band is in a man’s short making it more suitable for those with a smaller wrist. It also does not appeal much to men who prefer large, chunky timepieces. But, it is actually perfect for men who are searching for a formal looking watch.

It comes with an analog movement and has artistically designed markers found around the face of the timepiece. However, some may have a bit of difficulty in adjusting to the new style of this watch because of the different shape and appearance that it may have. This also includes the lack of markers to specifically point each hour. In telling the time, one can see that it also has an angular crown that has been integrated into the case. It also has a marker that points towards the face of the timepiece which is actually placed there to signal 3 o’ clock. But after some time, one will surely enjoy having this watch mainly because of its unique look that only Hamilton Ventura can offer. Because this is an automatic watch, one will be able to enjoy its capability to wind automatically when it is able to detect one’s movement. Most importantly, the Hamilton Ventura XL Automatic Watch also makes such a nice addition to a timepiece collection because it is an adapted style of the one that Elvis Presley wore in a movie during his day. The same design has also been used as an inspiration to the futuristic watches used in other movies such as Men in Black. Impressive, isn’t it?

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