His and Her Watches by Guess

So you and your partner want to find some nice looking his and her watches by Guess?  Great idea!  Guess is known for their upscale clothing line in America as well as all of the accessories that they produce, like perfumes, jewelry and watches.   You can also find them at your local mall as they do have retails all across North America and the world.  But as you’re looking for matching watches for him and her, you may not be in luck as they don’t always carry their full lineup in store.  Thankfully we have online retailers that have plenty of stock and can fulfill all of your shopping needs!

A subsidiary of Timex is actually the manufacturer that makes the watches for Guess, and they have a long history of reliable watches at a very good price.  The focus of these watches is not just about the top watches for men but it is more about both of your lifestyles and having something that matches well.  The three words that Guess uses to describe their watches are Rigor, Radiance and Vivacious.   These styles will provide you a combination of a dressy and sporty look, highlight a women’s femininity, as well as combine sporty and stylish at the same time.  It isn’t always easy to find nice looking matching watches for men and women, but here is a list of few different types from Guess that not only look great, but are well-made.

his and her watches guess

GUESS Automatic Watch – Women’s Model



matching his and her watches guess

GUESS Automatic Watch – Men’s Model


These two matching his and her watches are one of the nicer ones from Guess.  They are mechanical movement watches and are automatically wound up (without the need for winding by hand).  You simply wear them on your wrists and move your arm around in order to wind up the spring on the inside of the watch.  As a truly fashion forward model, there are rhinestones embedded in the watch face that shows off true elegance and style.  Being able to see the inner spring is a captivating experience as you imagine how historical watch makers had to design the pieces precisely without all the modern technology that we now possess.

Here are a few other models of his and her watches from Guess that will surely do you and your partner justice in the fashion department!  Get them for each other and enjoy them together as you go on a date, have a night out or are heading to a formal event together!

GUESS Women’s Rectangular Watch in Rose Gold


GUESS Men’s Rectangular Watch in in Rose Gold



GUESS Women’s Yellow Gold Chronograph Watch


GUESS Men’s Yellow Gold Chronograph Watch


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