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If you are husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, you want to ensure you celebrate your anniversaries every year.  It’s important to make the little things count and keep your relationship going strong over and over again!  One of the best gifts to present to your significant other is a pair of matching his and her watches by Movado.  If you’ve been together for a while now, having a nice set of his and hers watches is a really sweet gesture, since you’ll be able to think of each other as you look down at the watch when wearing it.  These little reminders of the other person can help to make the relationship that much nicer since it tells the other person you care.

Movado has been in the watchmaking business for many years now, and they have been able to prefect balance a beautiful design with excellent craftsmanship to come up with the best watches that are both luxurious and affordable at the same time.

Made in Switzerland, the home of luxury watches, the Series 800 watches from Movado feature Swiss movement, a screw-down crown, anti-reflective sapphire crystal watch face and a performance stainless steel link bracelet.  These features come with a price tag that is reasonable, given the quality and name that you are investing in!

Movado Men’s Series 800 Performance Steel Watch

Movado Women’s Series 800 Performance Steel Watch

Another great set of matching watches from Movado is the Serio line up.  Pairing the iconic Movado Museum watch face with a design that fits the contemporary professional, the polished stainless steel bracelet is a stark contrast to the satin black watch face.  With the recognizable dot at the 12 o’clock position, Movado knows how to make a great set of matching watches that embody the simplicity of elegance and the grace of luxury.

Movado Men’s Serio Stainless Black Round Dial Watch

Movado Women’s Serio Stainless Black Round Dial Watch



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