Invicta Reserve Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch

Invicta.  The latin word for Invincible.  That certainly gives you that feeling when you take a look at some of their beautiful watch designs and gaze upon the quality of their classy timepieces.  The Invicta Reserve Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch is no different as this is part the nice collection that features high quality luxury materials, paired with a timeless quality design.

With the watch internals made of precise Swiss-quarts movement, you know that the Invicta Reserve Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch is going to help you keep time just the way you need.  The face of the watch is clothed in durable flame-fusion crystal to give you clarity in view as well durability from scratches or other hard objects hitting the face.  However, the eye catch piece-de-resistance is the stainless steel casing that is enrobed with 18k gold plated bezel.  The bezel already leads to people turning their heads and thinking “bling-bling” when they see the watch, but when you take into additional consideration the gold plate watch bands paired with a black stripe throughout, you are sure to turn heads no matter where you go!  This definitely qualifies this watch as one of the best watches under $500 that you can purchase!

The Invicta Reserve Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch features a chronograph function that shows 60 second hand, 30 second hands and also 1/10th of a second subdials on the face of the watch.  This is in addition to the date and time functions that are available as well.  The dial is made of black mother-of-pearl and the hour markets are made of luminous materials so that you can still make out the time even in the dark.  The crown and pushers are also gold-plated and they are screw-down type, to give you that great feeling of luxurious paired with function.  You can even take this watch with you on a dip and dive in the ocean as it is water resistant up to 200 meters, making this one of the best dive watches out there..  The watch face is quite large and it will make a man out of any person that wears it.  The band is also quite large in diameter, so if your wrists are not very thick you may have to get some of the links inside the band removed before wearing it.

The sportiness of the Invicta Reserve Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch paired with the elegance of gold will lend itself to showcase the style that it carries and transfers over to the person who wears it.  It is certainly very eye-catching and people will think the best of you, whether you are sitting in a boardroom meeting, walking down the beach in your gear or swimming in the ocean with exotic marine life.  This watch was specifically developed for those that have exquisite tastes and are in-the-know.  What inspires Invicta to develop these types of watches is the fact that people enjoy the technological prowess that they can use and that they are getting such a high-quality timepiece for such a great value compared to many other watch brands in the world.

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