Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph – As Worn By President Obama!

If you’re looking for something really different to wear around your wrist, would you consider a watch that is currently worn by one of the most powerful men in the world?  Perhaps you’re thinking about some dictator in the Middle East, or perhaps an oil tycoon in South America somewhere.  What if I’m telling you it is the President of the United States of America?  Obama himself!  This Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph Watch was originally designed for use by United States Secret Service personnel but it has been well known that President Barack Obama wears this watch himself.  The watch was given to him on his 46th birthday in 2007 and he has been photographed wearing the watch on numerous occasions, including some high profile events such as the Presidential debates as well as the Inaugural ball.

Made of a stainless steel face and casing, you can feel the toughness and rigidity that the Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph Watch has.  You know that the materials are of high quality and that the design is well made and integrated into the watch.  Paired with a leather watch strap that is made of Buffalo leather in black color, it feels good on your wrist and looks good from other people’s standpoint as well, making this watch a prime candidate as one of the best mens watches under 500 dollars.  The Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph Watch also features an impact resistant crystal face that can take a beating and scratching, whether intentional or not.  In addition, the time piece contains precise Japanese quartz crystals made by the Citizen Watch company so that you can be assured that you’re getting precision timing with your watch all day long.

Not only do you get this watch to commemorate the fact that one of the most powerful men share your taste in watches, but it is made of extremely high quality materials that are perfectly sized for many male hands, not too big and not too small, with its 41mm diameter case.  The chronograph functions are a beautiful addition to the face or the Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph Watch and match the pointed minute hands and second hands.  The pointed hands take after many of the pilot’s watches that are found on many great watch companies.

The Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph Watch is one of the classiest watches that you can own, and be proud to wear, as you can share the same watch that the President wears.  Most people would have imagined that someone of his high stature would be wearing a very expensive luxury watch that common men can’t afford.  But the fact that he is wearing a good looking time pieces that most people can save up and purchase makes it a highly desirable piece.  Did you know, President Obama used to wear a Tag Heuer before this watch?  Yep!  This watch is that good!

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