Matching Watches for Him and Her by Fossil

When you’ve made the decision to purchase matching watches for him and her, you will invariably have to decide on a budget.  For those that are looking to make a large splash with this gift, but yet, want to maintain a reasonable budget and not overspend, Fossil makes some great fashionable watches that are perfect for both man and women.  They may not be 100% alike in look and style, but with similar design cues and materials, the match is very close that you can tell that the two of you are together!

Fossil produces over 300 different types of watches, so there are definitely plenty to choose from.  With styles ranging from sporty, to dressy, to fashion and bold, there are certainly many choices you have to choose from.  Perhaps the best thing to start with is determining what your partner likes.  Do they have a certain lifestyle that is most common?  If they mostly go to the office and wear business or business casual clothes, you would be best served getting matching watches that are more dressy and classy.  These two nice his and her watches are definitely in the classy category.  They are made of stainless steel metal and have a bracelet that is built sturdy and tough.  The way that the watches match is from the hints of rose-gold.  It is a color that is trendy and fashionable in today’s world!

Fossil Men’s Chronograph Watch with Rose Gold Accents

Fossil Women’s Chronograph Watch in Rose Gold Color

However, if your partner is into sports and doing many activities outdoors, then getting his and her watches that looks more sporty and has features that you can use outdoors would be the best bet.  The two watches seen here are sportier in nature and will feel good on your wrists as they are made with a resin watch band that has more flexibility and softness, which is great for an active lifestyle!

Fossil Men’s Silicone Chronograph Sports Watch

Fossil Women’s Silicone Chronograph Sports Watch

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