Michael Kors Camille Swarovski Crystal Gold Tone Watch

For many years, the love story between women and gorgeous jewels has been never ending. The interest of women for shiny and glittery things has always intrigued people all over the world. Well, who would not want beautiful things? From diamond rings to gold necklaces, the list can go on with all of the shiny accessories that women can never get enough of. Using the inspiration of the fascination towards glistening things and accessories, Michael Kors has created a line of women’s watches to suit this interest of women. The Michael Kors Camille Swarovski Crystal Encrusted watch is one of the most original and meticulously made watches ever. With crystals attached all over the gold plated watch, one can barely find an area without the glittery goodness from the Swarovski crystals.

The band and case materials are made from gold plated stainless steel. It has a 39 millimeter case width and 12 millimeter thickness. The dial window is made from scratch resistant mineral to ensure that the watch including the crystals will be protected from the wear and tear of the years of usage. This Michael Kors Camille Watch also comes in a collection with this design in other tone colors and in a bigger version. The smaller watch is preferred by more women because it has a great size and is lightweight making it very effortless to wear, which would be a great alternative to wearing the nice GPS watches for running. The thinner band width of 19 millimeter and the deployment clasp makes one feel that they are simply wearing a multi-functional eternity bracelet. The length of the band is also quite long because it is best worn loosely than snug making it truly look like an expensive bracelet. Because of the expensive-looking design, everybody can definitely say that the Michael Kors Camille watch is one of the best watches under 500 dollars.

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