Michael Kors Runway Rose-Tone Watch

Michael Kors is quite well known in the fashion world for their luxurious handbags, clothing as well as different accessories such as sunglasses and watches.  And my, do they design some really beautiful and eye catching watches!  The Iconic Michael Kors line-ups of watches are bold and definitely the showpiece that you want to put on your wrists when you are aiming to impress.  The best part is that this watch has a superb elegant look while not costing a fortune to obtain, what type of value can be better than that!

The first thing that catches most people’s eye is that the color of the Michael Kors Runway Rose-Tone Watch is not just gold, but rather a rose gold color.  It is so elegant and classy since the color is really unique and can’t be found just anywhere even if you’re looking for it.  The watch face is certainly large and it must pass as a man’s watch since it will be slightly too large for most women’s wrists.  The interesting thing is though, that although the size is definitely fit for someone masculine, the design and finesse of the watch brings with it an air of femininity.

With a chronograph that displays the hour hand, minute and second hand on separate sub-dials, the Michael Kors Runway Rose-Tone Watch is not just beautiful but also very functional as one of the best mens watches out there.  It is water resistant up to 100 meters so you are able to take it into the water, or shower and bath with it, if you so desire.  The bracelet features 4 links and you are able to remove or add on any excess links if the watch does not fit you as it comes from the factory.  The watch weighs a hefty 16 ounces since there is so much material and heft to it.  The display window is made of crystal so that can ensure that you not only have clarity in viewing the watch but also hardness should there be any accidents happening.

Overall, the Michael Kors Runway Rose-Tone Watch is very modern in design, style and materials and it certainly fits in very well with all that is trending in fashion these days.  The pictures really don’t do the watch any justice as the watch is certainly very beautiful and great to look at.  However, pictures can only take you so far even when looking at the best watches under $200 for men.  The only way to continue on from here is to get the watch for yourself in hand and start showing it off to people around you!

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