Nautica Men’s NST Stainless Steel and Black Resin Watch

If you’re looking for a nice watch that you can wear and not be afraid to get wet or go into the water with, here’s a good option for you: The Nautica Men’s NST Stainless Steel and Black Resin Watch.  This watch features a nice painless Steelcase that looks really sleek and is paired with a durable resin strap that ensure they meet the needs of your physical demands when you’re playing sports.  The watch is made of Japanese quartz movement and it features an analog display. This is all protected with a mineral crystal dial when do sitting inside the bezel.  The bezel itself has large minute numbers on there, separated by every 5 minutes.  When you add in the chronograph functions along with the watch, you can see that this watch is a great purchase because you are getting a lot of features for a not-so-large price.

Although watches from Nautica were not introduced until 1994, they carry with it a very distinct design and style. This can be attribute it to the inspiration of sailing, as the brand Nautica reflects this hobby and luxurious lifestyle for all people around the world. Although American in heritage, you will be able to find people wearing Nautica watches throughout the world because they also share the same passion for sailing as the company does.

The Nautica Men’s NST Stainless Steel and Black Resin Watch is constructed very solidly and keeps the time very well. When you combine that with the easy-to-read display and the comfortable resin strap, you will find that this watch is quite attractive in the combination of accents and materials that they use to finish the watch with. It is a watch that you can wear around the office every day because it is classy enough to go with your work clothes, yet casual enough for you to wear after work in more casual wear. The only drawback to this watch is that there is no backlit light to help read the time in the dark, although the hands do glow, it is not entirely sufficient if there is absolutely no light outside and it is dark. For those that are watch collectors and know their stuff, you may even find a little bit of Breitling design within the watch, although it is much more affordable!

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