Seiko Adventure-Solar Watch Classic Casual Men’s Watch

Men love watches as much as women would love their jewellery and accessories. But there are various kinds of watches to use for different occasions. Usually, people would tend to overuse the watches that they own making it deteriorate faster than it should. For some men, they may not own as many watches. But, it is important to own one that is dedicated for formal functions, another for work, and one for their outdoor adventures. What about a watch to use for a nice day out for a picnic or spending time at a cafe? The Seiko Men’s Adventure Solar Classic casual watch is the best one to use for those laid back days. It has a classic brown leather strap that has been created mainly for casual days. At around $170, one will be able to enjoy this classic Seiko watch without having to spend as much. Here are some of the great features that men can enjoy with this casual yet very classic watch.

The Seiko Men’s Adventure Watch has a high-tech and solar powered feature that makes is such a great watch to use for everyday. It is a hassle free watch with an effortless appeal because of its very simple look. But despite the simplicity of its design, men would still be able to enjoy a lot of features that surely overwhelming making it extremely likeable. This watch works with the Japanese Quartz movement with an analog display on its black dial. As a Seiko watch, it features a protective and curved Hardlex crystal dial window that has been known to be durable and has a very high quality. The dial has been enclosed with a classic looking, polished stainless steel case and topped with several crowns that is placed in strategic areas to make it easy to manipulate the different features that the watch has. It also has an inner rotating ring on the bezel that works as the compass. The watch also has an interesting alarm chronograph, luminous hands, and date indicator. It is also water resistant to 330 feet which allows one to enjoy wearing it for swimming and snorkelling activities.

Looking at the watch with its two buttons and crown, people may begin to become confused with its use. The main crown on the right is mainly for the setting of the time and day just like any other usual watch design. The crown on the opposite side, on the upper left position is for the compass directions. The upper right button on the watch, on the other hand, is for the chronograph functions to make it easy to start and stop. The lower button on the right is mainly used to help set the time for the alarm and to reset the chronograph function. Men would also enjoy the alarm of the watch because it makes indications but is not very loud which will not disturb or annoy other people. Telling the time with the Seiko Men’s Adventure Solar Classic casual watch is definitely stylish and stunning because of the many advanced features that it can offer.


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