Seiko Coutura Black Men’s Watch

Seiko has been committed to producing quality timepieces for the last 125 years. They are definitely leading experts in the science of time and producing artistic pieces to go along with it.  Nothing changes with their Seiko Coutura Black Men’s Watch as it continues the high quality and excellence that comes from Seiko for the longest time. This timepiece has a very elegant design and does not come across as too large or too big, definitely not an oversized watch. Many times companies like to pair the colors black and gold together, but because it is done so often sometimes it looks tacky. What Seiko has done is taken black as the base color and used highlights of silver to accent, making it look wonderfully classy for whoever gets to where this watch

Watches for men need to not look dainty, but rather hefty so that it matches the manliness of the person wearing it.  This Seiko Coutura Black Men’s Watch is made of Hardlex, which is a feature that only say: as, and it is very good at protecting the watch face from potential scratches, whether accidental or intentional. Because it is made by Seiko, it uses Japanese quartz for the internals of the watch.  Surrounding the internals of the watch our very solid quality materials, and that is what contributions to the heavyweight of the watch.  The only thing to watch out for is that the dark black, or gunmetal color, does have the possibility to be scratched over time. So definitely watch out if you are a person that likes to rub their hands all over the table when you’re working or eating.

The most important thing to know about this watch is that you can wear it with just about any type of outfit you have, be it is in this, professional, casual, or going to a party. And best of all, the Seiko Coutura Black Men’s Watch is priced at under $200 so that you could not only have the watch, but accessorize with other types of accessories as well.

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