Seiko Men’s Watches

Seiko was founded in the 19th century, specifically in 1881 in Toyko, Japan. Did you know that the word Seiko means exquisite in the Japanese language? Although they have been around since 1881, the first time Seiko made watches was in 1924, which gives them plenty of practice and experience in developing the perfect watches for people around the world. There are two types of watches that Seiko mainly makes, quarts type watch and mechanical type watches and the price can range from $50 USD to $500,000 USD! Although, you can guess that they sell more $50 ones than the more expensive variety. Some of the ones listed below are a good quality watch while maintaining a good value as one of the top watch brands for men available.


Seiko Men’s Velatura Watch

This Seiko Velatura collection watch is a great watch in the Seiko lineup. It features an anti-reflective sapphire material for the dial window that allows you to see the watch even in different lighting conditions. The bezel function doubles as a tachometer and you also have the function of seeing the calendar function that shows the date. This Seiko Men’s Velatura dress watch has beautiful gold tone highlights in the bezel and the band and is a very good compliment to the fashion conscious man, whether for work, a date or a night out.

Seiko Mens Kinetic Arctura Perpetual Calendar Black Dial

The Seiko Arctura men’s watch is a kinetic type watch, meaning that it does not require any batteries to keep it running. It uses the kinetic energy from the motion of your body in order to keep the time running. This is a great feature as you will never need to change the battery, however, if you don’t wear the Seiko Mens Kinetic Arctura Perpetual Calendar Black Dial Watch for a long duration, you may need to reset the time before it is correctly displaying the time. Made of stainless steel, the band feels solid and provides you with a very durable material to help you last through your day, making this one of the best watches under $500 for men to invest in.

Seiko SSA023 Automatic Silver Men’s Watch

The Seiko SSA023 Automatic Silver Men’s Watch is made of stainless steel band and bezel and contains a dial window that is made of minerals. The fold-over clasp has a safety push button that allows for easy unlatching and wearing of the watch. With the gold plated balance wheel, this Seiko SSA023 Automatic Silver Men’s Watch is sure to keep your time perfectly. The face of this watch is beautiful as you can see all the screws holding down the face while watching all of the dials move in good mechanical function.

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