Stuhrling Original Women’s Automatic Skeleton Mother of Pearl Red Leather Watch

Women all over the world would always want to be fashionable and on the go all of the time. The clothes that they wear are not the only things that help keep them trendy because they also enjoy putting on a watch as a great accessory to complete their outfit.  The Stuhrling Original Women’s Vogue Audrey Rosetta is one of the best women’s watches that come in a very eye-catching color and design. It has a round case layered with 16 carat gold and beautifully polished bezel. The watch is encased and protected by krysterna crystal on the front and back side. No matter how casual an outfit for the day is, the red alligator leather strap will surely make heads turn. Best of all, this Stuhrling Original watch comes with a two year warranty.

Like what has been mentioned, this Stuhrling watch is an automatic watch and do not need batteries to work and could be part of a nice matching set of his and hers watches. For many individuals, this would make an amazing accessory because of the craftsmanship of its parts to keep it working. Automatic watches like this are powered with the help of the kinetic energy that is harnessed through the movement of its wearer. Because of this requirement, some people may be concerned with the task of having to wear the watch on a constant basis so that they do not have to keep on adjusting the time. If this watch is not worn within the next eight to twelve hours, it will stop working. This can easily be made to function again once it is attached to the wrist and after the time is adjusted. Since its chic design looks great with any outfit, women do not need to worry about this. Having a watch winder to ensure that the Stuhrling Original Women’s Vogue Audrey Rosetta is powered all the time would be very useful. A watch winder and this trendy, automatic Stuhling watch would make great combination.


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