SUUNTO X-Lander Military Watch

If you are looking for a watch for the rugged outdoors, this is one that you should not miss out on.  The SUUNTO X-Lander Military Watch was designed to withstand severe variations in weather, so that you can not only be rugged in the forest but also dive into the water with it as well, well, at least up to 100 ft deep.  The buttons itself can actually be used under water as well.

If you are someone that likes heights, you will be glad to know that there is also a built in altimeter that shows elevations up to 29,500 with 99 different logs that can help you to track both your vertical gain and ascent.  That means, if you are a pilot that likes to dive, you can make use of absolutely all of its features!  Otherwise, this watch will be so loaded with features that you will have a hard time using them all.

Did you know that a lot of soldiers in the army will also choose to wear a SUUNTO?  That’s because it is built rugged and tough, so you’ll find many who were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan wearing one since it can withstand the abuse and keep on going without fail.  Because it was designed for military use, you will find that it doesn’t beep loudly or have loud alarms, and it will not put out very bright lights.  Can you imagine if that happened when you are on the battlefield?  Not good!

This may not be a good watch if you are looking to impress people with a good looking watch, but if you are in the market for something that is rugged, sturdy and has enough features to help you in your daily life, then the SUUNTO X-Lander Military Watch is definitely the perfect watch for you.

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