TechnoMarine Women’s Cruise Original Lipstick Coral Watch

When you decide to purchase a TechnoMarine women’s watch (either for yourself or your loved one), you can be sure that you’re getting a great luxury watch that is not only good looking and high quality, but also affordable.  Founded in 1997, TechnoMarine was started by a French entrepreneur that started many changes throughout the luxury watch industry by offering a watch that was coined the vacation souvenir watch.  It proved to be an industry changing event as it leads to a whole new generation of high quality time pieces from many watch manufactures around the world.

This TechnoMarine Women’s Cruise Original Lipstick Coral Watch features a 40mm case design so that it looks just the right size on many women’s’ wrists, not too big and not too small, which make it one of the best watches for women available currently.  Made of stainless steel, the case is resistant to corrosion and discoloration from wearing it over time.  If the lady you’re purchasing this watch for has a history of being clumsy, well don’t fret!  The watch face is made of durable mineral crystals that protect the clear watch face from scratches and other things that might occur from fumbling it around.

If the woman that you are buying this watch for likes to be active and swim around in the sea, she’ll be glad to know that the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters.  So whether she is just snorkelling near the surface of the water or diving with the beautiful sea creatures in the ocean, she can take this watch with her and show off the Lipstick Coral color watch band while she wears it wherever she goes.  Combining a sense of high fashion and style with the basic watch functions of every high quality timepiece, the TechnoMarine Women’s Cruise Original Lipstick Coral Watch splashes some color onto her life.  The coral silicone watch band matches the coral coloured accents around the watch face, the dial, as well as the sub-dials inside the chronograph.  By pairing the coral colors with stainless steel, the colors become more vivid with the contrast.

An interesting design to note is on the watch face bezel that features only the first 15 seconds for the second hand before offering only markers for hours.  This is paired with the white second markers and accented with more coral color around the bezel.  The entire dial of this TechnoMarine Women’s Cruise Original Lipstick Coral Watch is protected by scratch-resistant mineral crystal so that the Japanese Quartz inner pieces can work its magic with ease and durability.  There are some wide stainless steel buttons on the right side of the watch and it is bathed in more coral coloured accents.  If you look at the fundamental values of TechnoMarine, you’ll find that they want to capitalize on audaciousness, multi-colored solutions and high quality and remain as one of the best watches under 500 dollars.  You can be a part of this fashion trend at a truly affordable price!

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