Timex Adventure Series Brown Leather Strap Watch

For the adventurous person out there, you’re going to want to bring with you something reliable on all of your excursions.  With this timepiece from Timex, you’re going to get just that.  As part of the Adventure Series, this Timex Intelligent Watch has many features that will help you out on your outdoor adventures.  Namely, the features that set itself apart from many watches include a high and low tide tracker, a temperature sensor as well as an analog compass with a digital display.  The high and low tide tracker allows you to count down to either high tide or low tide that is coming, giving you the peace of mind and information you need to plan ahead on one of the best mens watches under 200 dollars.

Powered with the signature Indiglo back light from Timex, this Timex Adventure Series Brown Leather Strap Watch can be seen clearly in both daytime and nighttime.  With an accurate digital compass and an analog display, you can also adjust the declination angles so that your compass will work with both precision and accuracy.  Not to mention the fact that the watch is also water resistant to 100 meters.

As for the styling and design of the Timex Adventure Series Brown Leather Strap Watch, you can’t get any better than this for any serious outdoorsman.  The heavy metal watch face and bezel show you that this is a serious watch for anyone that spends a good amount of time outdoors, which makes this one of the best outdoor watches available, especially at the price point.  The watch straps are made of calfskin and therefore it feels really soft and sturdy on your wrists when wearing them.  Featuring a 45mm watch face diameter, this watch will fit on most people’s wrists without looking too large or too small.  With a simple buckle as the clasp, you can easily secure the watch and take it off when needed.

The military design and styling of the watch really cater to the right market for people that like to be outdoors.  The colors mix together military green, brown as well as gun metal color.  The Timex Adventure Series Brown Leather Strap Watch serves to be camouflaged on your wrists just like any military personnel is supposed to do with their clothing.  Even if you aren’t outdoors, the design of the watch allows for it to be used indoors and remain classy and usable in most conditions and places.  If you were to purchase a watch from another company or brand, you will easily spend 3 to 4 times the price; not to mention getting half the quality as well, which positions this watch as one of the best watch brands for men!

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