Timex Marathon GPS Watch

For those of you that like to be active through walking or running, this Timex Marathon GPS Watch is definitely one of the selections you want to be choosing from.  Even if you don’t like running or walking, this watch can help you to calculate your speed and distance right from your wrists during your workout, whatever that might be.  There are quite a few advanced features that the Timex Marathon GPS Watch features that are usually only found on higher priced watches, so it is quite surprising to find them here.  That’s this would make the list when looking at the best running watches out there.

For example, the Timex Marathon GPS Watch allows any athlete to directly monitor their velocity, distance traveled as well as how many calories they burned during the workout.  In addition to that, the use of the advanced GPS system from SiRFstarIV allows you to track your whereabouts for interest-sake as well.  With 5 different alarm settings you can make sure to remind yourself of certain upcoming moves or changes in your workout without missing a beat. With it’s waterproof feature, you are bound to find that you can actually use this watch no matter where and how the weather is like that day.

Although the Timex Marathon GPS Watch doesn’t give you the real-time running speed or the pace that you’re running in that instant, it will show you the average current page over a pre-determined number of seconds.  While this is a bit different then the speedometer of a vehicle, it is still quite handy for you during your run as you should have your eyes on the road and not always fixed to your watch.  The good thing is that the Timex Marathon GPS Watch also has different settings and modes that you can change to while doing different activities (such as running, biking or kayaking) so that the readouts of the distance and time are more tailored and accurate to that activity.

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch features an 8-hour battery life with continuous GPS usage and allows you to re-charge the watch via your USB hub right in your computer.  Although you can’t download the data to your computer directly, you can definitely see and review the data right on your watch.  If you’re looking for a heart-rate monitor included on your watch, then unfortunately this one won’t do the trick.  But, what this watch lacks in those other features, it makes up for in value as you can sometimes find the watch amount the best watches under $100 when it goes on sale.  Not a bad choice for a starter GPS running watch!

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