Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch

Are you looking for a watch that is subtle yet can still get people’s attention?  This Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch is the right watch for you as it does just that!  It embodies the cross between a casual watch and a dressy watch and is not in-your-face with its design, yet still bold in its own right.  With the black leather watch strap and the chronograph displays on the face of the watch, you can tell that this is a working man’s watch.  But as you look slightly further into the little design cues that Tissot put into their PRC 200 Watch, you’ll quickly notice that it is made by a luxury watchmaker.  Certainly one of the best things you can notice about this Swiss-made watch is that the movement is quarts and not mechanical so you don’t have to worry about winding it or having to wear the watch all the time so that it can be charged and running.

With a sapphire crystal glass face you are getting quality watch face, instead of made of glass or mineral like other non-luxury brands.  It is hard to scratch and is easy to view, what better can you ask for?  The only finicky item with the Tissot PRC 200 watch is that the deployment clasp is a little hard to get used to when you first get the watch, but once you get started using it often, you’ll find how to get it working properly.  Although this might be one of the more low-key watches out there, it definitely still carries itself well with style.  It is the perfect watch for a man that likes a little bit of sophistication but at the same time wants to remain humble and not be a really big show off to everyone else.  If you’re still in the market for a nice watch, this should definitely be one of the first ones you purchase so that you can have a good baseline for something of quality so that you have something to compare to in the future.

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