Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium Analog-Digital Men’s Watch

When someone is looking for a great watch to splurge on, the Tissot Men’s T-Touch Expert Titanium Analog-Digital Watch may be the one for you. With its brushed titanium case and band, it presents a very exquisite looking structure but has still been made to withstand a lot of rough activities because of its durable material and water resistant ability. This imported watch has a black touch screen dial that features an analog and digital watch display and you can choose to see the one that you prefer. Unlike other Tissot watches this is the first one to have a very useful LCD backlight that is extremely useful during night time. It also has large luminous hands on its display making it very easy to read. All the digital functions can be enabled through the scratch resistant sapphire touch screen lessening your chances of fumbling just to find the right button to press when you need it.

There are also two different times that can be set on the watch. This would be a very helpful feature for people who travel to different countries or cities because they can keep the actual time back home and have the option to have a secondary watch for the new location they are in. In connection with the dual time settings, the Tissot Men’s T-Touch also has dual alarm functions which will enable you to have a specific alarm wherever you may be. This would lessen the need to adjust your alarm from time to time because you can already have another alarm setting for tentative use. With this feature, men can take their mind away from adjusting to the things that has something to do with time such as waking up in the morning or keeping up with a certain schedule when it comes to being in a different time zone.

There are plenty of features that the Tissot Men’s T-Touch watch has that men will definitely enjoy having. These are also perfect regardless of the activity that they would do whether it is camping, biking, scuba diving, and many others. During a camping trip, one will be able to determine the altitude with the help of this watch. It also has a barometer to help identify the pressure, thermometer, and compass that would help one on a long trip or stay in the outdoor area. These are all valuable features that you can make the most use of when you are enjoying various outdoor activities.

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