Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Black Ice Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Diving watches are known by many individuals to have a certain level of functionality that is proven and abides by a given standard. However, to make watches different and more functional, watchmakers have added other additional features that people would want their dive watches to have. The Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Dive Master Watch with a black and ice blue design has become prominent in the market because of its cool and stylish look, as well as the special characteristics that come with it.  This watch can be made into an essential piece when heading to the oceans because it has features to assist you to log your time in and in achieving a safe return to sea level. At the same time, this diving watch also look terrific and can be worn every day as a fashion accessory when you are not in the water. So even if you are making use of this watch as a diving instrument or not, it would always keep you in style because of its amazing appearance. With the color and the structure of this watch, you cannot pass out on wearing it any day of the week.

With just one look at the watch, you will instantly be drawn to the amazing colors that it comes with. The Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Dive Master Watch has a PVD coated stainless steel round case with luminous hour markers and hands. It has a unidirectional black gunmetal PVD bezel that brings out the bright color of the blue dial. There are also minute markers on the outer rim of the bezel to assist you in identifying the time. The rotating bezel is attached to diving watches because this works as an elapsed time controller which is set before the actual dive. One can keep track of their diving time by setting the bezel to line up with the minute hand of the watch to save a diver the inconvenience of having to remember the time they would submerge in the water. This reminder would give a diver a quicker time identifying how long their entire dive lasted.

It also has a date indicator found on the dial by the 3’ o clock position and this indicator has also been highlighted by a luminous marker. The scratch resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal has been placed on the watch to ensure its durability and will allow you to enjoy long term use of the watch. The Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Dive Master Watch is assured to provide you with style and multi functionality that will satisfy you. The solid construction of this watch makes it comfortable to wear and will also make you feel assured to have this with you. Since it works using a kinetic charge, it is important to keep on wearing it as often as you can to help save you from having to reset it every time before you wear it. But because of its stylish appearance, you will never have to worry about wearing it every day for work and even for play.

Looking into the features that it has, you will see how remarkable the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Dive Master Watch is, in addition to its one of a kind appearance. Since it is a diving watch, this watch is water resistant up to 1650 feet. It also features depth measurement capabilities that will help you in every dive that you take and its luminosity would assist you no matter how deep and dark it is under the water. All dive watches must be created with legible markers even in darker environments. The distinct and contrasting appearance of the markers in this Victorinox watch will make one see the hands of the clock easily even with the distractions under water. With this device around your wrist, you will certainly be able to enjoy a nice dive because of it is very reliable.

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