What to get your boyfriend for Christmas?

Christmas is coming up shortly, so I’m sure all you girls out there are wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas?  Obviously you want to get him something that he likes but also something is obviously chosen by you, so that he can remember you when he wears it.  With so many different types of men’s watches out there, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right one?

If you’re looking for a watch, one of the ways to narrow down exactly what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas is to look as what type of person your boyfriend is and what are his interests.  If you can first narrow those things down, then you will have a much greater success rate of finding the right watch that will not only brighten up his day, but also have him remembering you whenever he wears it and shows it off.  With the right watch, you’ll have won his heart and helped him to gloat about how wonderful you are to his buddies!

We’ve first identified a few types of watches to match the different personalities out there.  Choose one of the following types of people and you’ll find out which watches are recommended for you.


The Athlete and Outdoorsman

If your boyfriend is an Athlete or an Outdoorsman, you will want to make sure to get him a watch that can best suit his activities.  Since he is most likely really active and outdoors a lot, the best types of watches to buy are ones that can sustain some bumps and bruises along the way, be easy to tell time and include a lot of features that he can use while playing sports or simply outdoors by himself.  When you can identify what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and purchase that item, you will be much more at ease for the rest of the holidays.

Nike+ Sportwatch

As an athlete it will be necessary for your boyfriend to be able to tell time quickly and have a ton of features he can use while participating in his sports and events.  We would the Nike+ Sportwatch to be one of the best watches for men who are athletes as it features GPS to be able to tell speed and distance accurately, as well track time, distance, pace and heart rate when you purchase the optional sensor.  With rechargeable batteries built in, it only takes a full charge via USB to be able to run the GPS inside the watch for 8 continuous hours.  In addition, when he connects the watch to NikePlus.com he can view and share his route information and find other popular running spots that he might not have known existed.  This Nike+ Sportwatch is certainly at the top of the list for any Athlete or Outdoorsman boyfriend.
Suunto Core

The Suunto Core Watch is very unique in its design and it will surely bring delight to your boyfriend if he is an athlete and loves the outdoors.  The watch has many features included in it, such as having an altimeter and barometer, not to mention a compass.  This will certainly help the outdoorsman and athlete track his movements and make sure that he isn’t lost.  With a water resistant depth of up to 100 feet, your boyfriend can even take a quick dip without worrying about the watch he’s wearing if he finds himself near a pool of water that looks refreshing!  The numbers are digital on the Suunto Core Watch and that makes it easy to focus on, the only downside is that the backface is dark so if there isn’t much light, it could be hard to read.

The Techie and Gadget-Lover

If your boyfriend is a Techie or a Gadget-lover, then you already know that he likes to play with his toys and needs the latest and greatest in order to enjoy.  He not only likes to play with the best watches out there, but he wants to have them in his arsenal of accessories so that he can show them off to other people.  You will most likely be getting him something that is digital, has a screen and can even have multiple ways to connect to other devices that he may use on a regular basis.  With our suggestions below, you will be able to answer the question of what should I get my boyfriend for Christmas and worry no more!

Sony Smartwatch

The Sony Smartwatch is one of the go-to watches for gadget-lovers and techies out there!  This watch can pair up to his smartphone and allow him to see what’s going on with the phone without taking it out of his pocked.  So, if you text or call him, he can see your name come up on the display on his watch before picking up the phone.  It will be easy for him to check the weather, control the music he’s listening to and be notified of incoming text messages and calls.  This all comes from the Sony Smartwatch on his wrist.  He’ll definitely love this one!
Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity

If you want all the features of the Sony Smartwatch but want it to look classier and less like a gadget, then this Citizen Proximity Eco Drive watch is the choice for you.  Like the Sony, it allows for Bluetooth connectivity and allows your boyfriend to see incoming call notifications before having to pickup the phone.  But as you can, it looks like a regular watch and he can wear it without looking like … a geek!  By being able to pair the watch with another more sophisticated device, the watch can automatically sync itself to the right time.  In addition to call notification, it shows calendar notifications and email notifications, which makes this Citizen Proximity Eco Drive watch a great choice for any Techie and Gadget-lover boyfriend!

The Fashionista and Businessman

If your boyfriend is a Fashionista or a Businessman, then he will most likely want something that can complement his accessories and show others that he is serious about the way he looks.  People always say that the first impression is the most important one, and your boyfriend is a guy that completely understands this point of view.  So, you have to get to know his wardrobe a little bit.  Does he like to wear suits?  Does he dress casual but really elegantly?  Is he a hipster?  All of these will help you to determine what type of watch to get him.  Here are some of our favorite choices of which watch to get your boyfriend for Christmas if he is a Fashionista or Businessman.

Tissot Couturier

If you’re looking for a watch that will make your boyfriend and all those that see him wear it say WOW, the Tissot Couturier Silver Watch is one of the best watches for the value.  Any Fashionista and person in business will have great respect for someone wearing the Tissot Couturier Silver Watch as it is classy, timeless and says that he knows that he’s doing.  If you invest in this watch as a great Christmas present for your boyfriend, he’ll never forget it!  Tissot’s are reliable and durable, something that he’ll definitely treasure for the rest of his life.
Citizen Eco Drive Stiletto

You know how all ladies have that little black dress with a pair of stilettos that make her feel really sexy?  Well, this is the equivalent for men in terms of watches and Citizen has aptly named it the Eco Drive Stiletto.  Just take a look at the colors and curves of this watch and you’ll know why it is called as such.  This watch will work well if he’s wearing a suit, wearing casual cloths and can match many of his accessories as well without looking out of place.  As a Christmas present, the Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto will certainly be one of the best choices for him, especially since he’s a Fashionista or Businessman that cares how he looks!

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